I have been active in the burlesque scene for abou 8 years now. I started as a member of the esteemed Eves Parlor Burlesque in Chicago and shortly thereafter became co-producer of (the now retired) Girlie-Q Burlesque in charge of performer relations/artistic management. In time I started producing my own shows, at one point putting on 3 different monthly shows, while still making appearances with several of Chicago’s established troupes, including my ongoing involvement with Angela Eve and Eve’s Parlor Burlesque. I have performed with many of Chicago’s bright stars and have travelled  regularly to perform outside of Chicago, performing with a multitude of international burlesque sensations. In 2012 I moved to San Diego and am starting the process of making myself well known in Southern California. I was a member of and the troupe group act choreographer for San Diego’s Hell On Heels Burlesque Revue between Autumn of 2012 and Spring of 2014, also creating costumes and props for the troupe’s group acts in addition to making the show fliers and other misc graphics.

I have a background as a model and performance artist/fine artist with very extensive experience in multiple dance forms (both solo and partnered up) including Ballet (pointe), Modern, Jazz, Texas Two Step, Swing (East Coast, Lindyhop), Jive and other Rockabilly culture social dances. I am currently honing my skills in the Latin dance forms.

I approach Burlesque as an art form, and being that my background is in the fine arts I have an infinite creative drive that compels me to pull from my imagination the most interesting of titillations for an audience to appreciate. My acts run the gamut from simple numbers designed to highlight the female form in its curvy, slow moving glory to completely choreographed dance extravaganzas. As a soloist I perform acts to a variety of musical genres but my favored style is neo classsical with a strong 40s-50s flair. I am imaginative and focused and most of all, an entertainer whose primary goal is to stimulate an audience.  My theatrical nature keeps in mind the necessity of acts with narrative/comedic relief as well so I am never predictable; I can do an act with a linear plot one night and a graceful, sensuous fan dance the next. 

Despite having moved away from Chicago I still perform and produce shows there when I can. Look out for regular appearances from me all over Southern California! 

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