Following is a partial list of some of my most requested burlesque acts; soon to be a complete list of the wild variety of themes I use.
Silver Wings - An act reminiscent of a full moon drive along the California coast...Can be done without a striptease ending. 

Purple - A high energy, playful fan dance set to the music of Duke Ellington

Jungle Girl - Is she a cat or is she a woman?! Things are wild in the jungle. This is a high energy, modern dance infused thrill! The act can be modified for family friendly viewing.

Big Bottom - A Burlesque homage to one of a woman’s most desirable “assets” and also a tribute to the great rock-n- roll mockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap’. 

Luck Be A Lady - “A lady doesn’t wander all over the room and blow on some other guys dice!”  - Instead she removes her clothes to show you she’s got nothing up her sleeve!

Teach Me Tiger - The dazzling costume and  sultry boa dance will make you want to purr.

Cat Fight - A special guest joins me for a raucous rockabilly skirmish exploring the universal tensions likely to spring up between competing women.

China Girl - East meets West under a set of silk fans...

CandyMan - Watch me express my love of 40s aesthetics, swing dancing, champagne and chocolate in a gorgeous period correct costume!

Spoonful - An ode to a classic housewife with a medley of songs by famed Blues singer Howlin Wolf

Film Noir- A sexy interpretation of the classic Film Noir movies of the 40s

Butterfly - A graceful winged dance that can be done ballet-style en pointe or as a Classic Burlesque dance.

Hot Hot Hot - spicy tribute to the ever adorable Carmen Miranda and the fun spirit of the Caribbean. This act can be modified as either a Scarlett DeVille solo or fun group act.

Pink Panther - Classic burlesque with opulent & elaborate costuming performed to popular jazz standard

Cowgirl DeVille - There is a new sheriff in town...

Happy Birthday - I love any excuse for cake and presents and celebration!
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