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Hello! Welcome to my site. I am Scarlett DeVille, previously Chicago’s, and now San Diego’s own Burlesque Vixen Deluxe! 

I am available to perform at corporate events, nightclubs/band-halls, private parties and a variety of functions.

I love to travel so look out for future appearances from me all over the country!

I specialize in polished, classic burlesque reminiscent of the golden age of the genre back in the 40’s and 50’s but with my own special “bad girl” twist, with occasional sojourns into Punk/Rockabilly/Delta Blues/Modern hard rock and comedy. I also have family friendly versions of certain acts. 

I am also available to teach the art of burlesque and related skills (costuming, act construction, dance as related to burlesque, fan dancing etc) in either a group or one-on-one environment

I create custom costuming and feather fans and can be commissioned to work on something fantastic from conception to manifestation. This includes (but in no way is limited to: handmade lingerie, corsets, shimmy belts, ball-gowns, fantasy outfits, pasties, merkins, jewelry, headpieces - you name it and I can more than likely make it happen!) I am also available to offer lessons and private parties for vintage hair styling/makeup/styling; costuming and crafts as related to burlesque (ie feather fan and pastie construction etc).

Check out my Etsy store for lovingly handcrafted pasties, hair accessories and more: 

I am immensely versatile, wildly creative and ready to be hired to entertain you!